Lasell SAAC Donates Athletic Equipment to Underprivileged Children in Nicaragua

Ashley Laramie
Lasell College
2010-2011 SAAC President


On Thursday March 10, 2011, members of the Lasell College Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) donated used softball equipment and uniforms to under privileged children in Nicaragua. 

It is said that on Sundays in Nicaragua, baseball is pastime that children prefer best.  Unfortunately, uniforms and equipment can be extremely expensive and hard to come by in these disadvantaged areas.  The SAAC members provided these children with the donated uniforms so that teams could be differentiated. Balls and bats were amongst the other items donated.

 “Giving uniforms and equipment that are just going to be thrown away to those who can actually use them shows that we, as a group, care,” said the SAAC members.